Ruins Restored Women’s Conference

Our women’s conference on June 8th was a time of women gathering together in worship, prayer and listening to God’s Word being taught. It was a beautiful day together even though the topics were difficult and hard.

Pat Patton gave two workshops. The first was “Ruins of the Body” in which she addressed how even in our physical struggles, it is still all about God and glorifying Him.

In Pat’s second workshop, “Ruins of the Mind,” she spoke on the importance of seeing ourselves the way God sees us and how our thoughts affect how we respond to our sufferings.

Our guest speaker, Katherine Meyer gave a wonderful workshop about domestic abuse. She defined abuse, provided typical characteristics of an abuser and an abuse victim then addressed how the body of Christ could help both of them. It was an intimate time speaking and answering questions about a sadly common problem in our world.

During the two main sessions, our pastor’s wife, Ann Stringer was our speaker. She spoke on the ruins of our lives and how God uses ruins to show us how much we need Him in the first session. In the final session, Ann addressed the different ways that God brings restoration to our lives that is successful in His eyes. She looks at six “So that” passages that point out the results God is looking for in using our ruins. We invite you to listen to those main sessions below.

You can listen to the first main session “Ruins” here:

You can listen here to the second session “Restored” here:


Guest Speaker: Dr. Gene Getz

Dr. Gene Getz was so kind to join us for our Connect Conference this past weekend. Gleaning knowledge from both him and his wife Elaine was a true joy. Join us as we open the Word with him and take a closer look at his Bible project, the Life Essentials Study Bible. You can also find out more about Dr. Getz at his website here.