God Will Take Care of You

1 Samuel 19 we look at how God has preserved David in contrast to Saul’s demise.

What Was Saul’s Problem? Jealousy

We all have experienced jealousy in one way or another. Pastor Sam explores 1 Samuel 18 and demonstrates the destructive nature of jealousy through the story of Saul and David.


What Giants Keep Your Attention?

The only giant the Israelites could see carried a sword and wore armor they could barely lift. But he was not the biggest giant in the valley.

Pastor Sam walks us through the famous story found in 1 Samuel 17 and once again, points us to God seen so clearly.

It Wasn’t Supposed to be This Way!

The sovereignty of God, following the will of God… we all have questions about how God interacts with sin and man’s decisions.

Listen as Pastor Sam guides us through 1 Samuel 16 and draws some connections about these issues.

He Hacked Agag to Pieces… and Other Thoughts about Sin

One of the most graphic events happens in 1 Samuel 15.  Listen as Pastor Sam brings the Word.

The Dilemma of Not Considering God

1 Samuel 14: 24-52 shows us the dilemma we create by not pursuing God or considering His desires for our lives. See what happens in Saul’s life when he faces that dilemma.

Have You Experienced God?

“Samuel had not yet experienced God” when God called to him as a little boy serving Eli. Join us as Pastor Sam delves into 1 Samuel 3.

Reverence… and how God handles Irreverence

What does it mean to be reverent towards God? Eli’s sons found out what it means to be irreverent to God the hard way. This is Part 1 to be continued next week.

1 Samuel 2

Hannah: A Sinful Mother Used by God

No mother is perfect, and Hannah was no exception. While we definitely want to be thankful for our mothers this Mother’s Day, it would be amiss to not know and understand their human state. Let’s look at Hannah and her gift to God that came as the result of a sinful prompted request.

1 Samuel 1