Words on the Way to the Cross

Join us as Pastor Sam delves into examining the words Jesus spoke to the disciples to prepare them for the pain of separation from His physical presence. Jesus needed to prepare them with words they wouldn’t fully understand until after the cross, and after the Holy Spirit came to bridge that separation.

Who is this Baby in the Manger?

Image result for nativity famous paintingsPainting by Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre


Who is this baby in the Manger? It wasn’t just a baby, He was so much more and if you don’t understand WHO He was, you will never understand Christmas. Listen to Pastor Sam as he delves into John 1 to see who He is.


Being Thankful in A Post-Modern World

Celebrating Objective Truth on Thanksgiving in a Postmodern Culture

Psalm 100

Veteran’s Day: Brotherhood

At the beginning of Pastor Sam’s message, we watched this video from Sebastian Junger. You can listen to the audio from the sermon itself, or watch the video directly here. Then we encourage you to skip to 15:20 in Pastor Sam’s message.

Sermon Text: John 15:10 – 15

Mother’s Day – Placing Your Children Into God’s Hands

1 Corinthians 3:4-23

Easter Sunday – Supremacy of Jesus

Happy Easter! Join us as Pastor Sam delves into Acts 2:1-41 and shows us 3 points that demonstrate the Supremacy of Christ Himself.

Lazarus – The Start of it All

Pastor Sam delves into the Word and shows us from Scripture, the event that triggered Palm Sunday and eventually the crucifixion of our Savior – the raising of Lazarus from the grave.

Is the Knowledge of God Impacting Your New Year?

Happy New Year! As we enter the new year, let’s open God’s Word and focus on the importance

of growing in our understanding and knowledge of the God we serve.

Colossians 1:9-12

Treasure These Things

As we celebrate Christmas this year, we need to remember the gift that God gave us – Jesus Christ.

Mary witnessed her Son doing incredible things and she pondered them and treasured them.

Luke 2