Joyous Ordination of Koku Akakpo

It was only by God’s grace and sovereign direction that Koku and his wife Akpene Akakpo stepped foot into our church many years ago. Koku owned very little but he possessed a beautiful desire to learn about God and His Word in America so he could return to his homeland in Togo, West Africa with a more developed ability to teach and preach to his own people back in Togo.  With perseverance of the Akakpos, we all worked to conquer the language barrier and the Akakpos became a much loved family in our church. With heartfelt love and financial assistance, our church supported him in his education and he recently graduated with a Bachelors degree from Bible College.

Our current pastor, Sam Stringer, Koku and Akpene Akakpo and previous pastor, Larry Lindow

As joyous as graduation day was, we celebrated another day August 3, 2019. Koku faithfully answered question upon question asked by 7 patient pastors from our church’s GARBC association. It was evident that he had a doubly hard task. Everyone prayerfully watched as he processed the question, then paused to mentally translate the question into his native language. Finally after understanding the question, he would pause before providing the English words to answer the question. At the end of the questioning time, the pastors unanimously voted to recommend Koku Akakpo to our church for ordination.

The worship service that followed was a time of sweet rejoicing in this journey that first led a man and his wife all the way from Togo, West Africa to a tiny town of 200 people in Littleton, Illinois where they became a part of an even smaller body of Christ. It was not lost on anyone in the service how God had sovereignly provided our little church with the resources to assist Koku and Akpene in their education that led them to this day. Our church voted unanimously to ordain Koku Akakpo for the ministry of the Gospel. We are thankful, grateful, and blessed to see what God is going to do as they continue to raise the funds to return as missionaries to their homeland. Please be in prayer for them, this isn’t the end of their journey, just a beautiful stop along the way of serving God together.

Church family who were present for Koku’s Ordination service