Devotional-R.C. Sproul

Good morning.  Today’s video is a bit deeper than others, but given the context of being in John 3 lately, it is a fitting time to speak into the topic of free will.  On the issue of salvation, R.C. Sproul was an excellent communicator of the depths of the work of God in salvation.  His book “Chosen By God” is a well-written study on the sovereignty of God and the will of man in the salvation process.  Since we’ve gone over John 3 quite a bit lately, I will provide instead the Scripture audio video for Romans 9.

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The songs selected in this devotional speak more to the work of God in the saving of people.

The song below is written by Josiah Conder from 1836:


Father, we thank you for the depths of Your word.  Thank you for the work that You do in bringing us to You.  Thank you for Your love and kindness.  Help us to share that love with others as You’d give us opportunity and magnify the gospel in our hearts again this day.  In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.


God bless you this day.