Daily Devotions – God’s Word the Bible

Hi Kids! Welcome back to another special kids devotional! We hope you are enjoying them! This one is all about the Bible. Do you have a Bible? Maybe you should go and get it before you watch this short video!

The Bible is pretty special isn’t it? And you know what? It has a lot of stories in it… but the most amazing thing about the stories of the Bible is that they are all TRUE! So when you read from the Bible, keep that in mind, that this really happened!

I like to think about the Bible as God’s way to teach us why we can trust Him. He wants us to know everything about Him. How He loves us, how He doesn’t like sin, and how He sent Jesus to save us from our sin so we can be together face to face with Him someday. Without the Bible, we wouldn’t know all of the things that the Bible tells us about Him, so it’s very important!

What are some of YOUR favorite parts of the Bible?

What are some of your PARENTS favorite parts of the Bible?