COVID-19 Response – Services Canceled Until Further Notice


I am sure that you have been wondering what our church will be doing through this pandemic situation. The leaders and I have been working on this and doing what we can to make sure that we will stay connected as a church family to the best of our ability as services will be canceled until further notice.

Here are some of the things we will be implementing! Please use as many of these avenues that will fit within your needs.Image result for john 16 33

  • Daily Devotionals – Every day we will be sending emails which will include devotionals that will be going through the Gospel of John. You can subscribe at this link (you may need to scroll down) We encourage you to also use these as an outreach to others that God lays on your heart. Those of you that do not have email, we will do our best to send these out via USPS. Please let us know if you would like to receive them this way instead of through email.
  • Prayer – It is our plan to send out weekly prayer requests every Wednesday through direct email. We would also like to encourage you to gather your family together at 7pm every Wednesday night and pray along with us, knowing that your church family is also lifting their voices in prayer. There is much to pray for and we ask for you to contact us with any requests that you may have during this time so we can all join you in your prayers. We also ask for you to send us any praises that would be a blessing to everyone! Expect God to use this time for His glory!
  • Connect via Facebook – Ann is our go-to person for our Facebook page and while we lack the internet capability to go-live on Facebook for video capability, we will be posting encouragement, as well as links to the daily devotionals as they are posted on our website.
  • Tithes and Offerings – There are two ways to continue your giving as God provides, to continue to support church needs as well as our missionaries.
  • Keep in Touch – It is our desire as leaders of our church to connect with you and we will do our best to do so. We also encourage you to contact each other with cards, texts and phone calls. We will be working up a complete contact list as it has been a while since we have done this to make it easier for you to accomplish this!
  • Keep your eyes on God Himself! I’m confident that our church is in good hands, the best hands, which are God’s hands. Use this time as a time to grow closer to Him! Use your time well and look for opportunities to serve Him and love others!

We will be certain to let you know if things change. Praying for your safety and provisions as needed on a daily basis. Be in contact with me as often as you need and let us know of any needs that arise.

Praying for you,

Pastor Sam Stringer