Have You Experienced God?

“Samuel had not yet experienced God” when God called to him as a little boy serving Eli. Join us as Pastor Sam delves into 1 Samuel 3.

Reverence… and how God handles Irreverence

What does it mean to be reverent towards God? Eli’s sons found out what it means to be irreverent to God the hard way. This is Part 1 to be continued next week.

1 Samuel 2

Hannah: A Sinful Mother Used by God

No mother is perfect, and Hannah was no exception. While we definitely want to be thankful for our mothers this Mother’s Day, it would be amiss to not know and understand their human state. Let’s look at Hannah and her gift to God that came as the result of a sinful prompted request.

1 Samuel 1

Words on the Way to the Cross

Join us as Pastor Sam delves into examining the words Jesus spoke to the disciples to prepare them for the pain of separation from His physical presence. Jesus needed to prepare them with words they wouldn’t fully understand until after the cross, and after the Holy Spirit came to bridge that separation.

Who is this Baby in the Manger?

Image result for nativity famous paintingsPainting by Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre


Who is this baby in the Manger? It wasn’t just a baby, He was so much more and if you don’t understand WHO He was, you will never understand Christmas. Listen to Pastor Sam as he delves into John 1 to see who He is.


Being Thankful in A Post-Modern World

Celebrating Objective Truth on Thanksgiving in a Postmodern Culture

Psalm 100

Veteran’s Day: Brotherhood

At the beginning of Pastor Sam’s message, we watched this video from Sebastian Junger. You can listen to the audio from the sermon itself, or watch the video directly here. Then we encourage you to skip to 15:20 in Pastor Sam’s message.

Sermon Text: John 15:10 – 15

Mother’s Day – Placing Your Children Into God’s Hands

1 Corinthians 3:4-23