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Fear is Rising

Pastor Sam felt led to deviate from the normal 1 Samuel study this week in light of the Covid-1 pandemic. As believers, we are called to not fear because of the hope we have in our Savior. Matthew 14:22-34

What Giants Keep Your Attention?

The only giant the Israelites could see carried a sword and wore armor they could barely lift. But he was not the biggest giant in the valley. Pastor Sam walks us through the famous story found in 1 Samuel 17 and once again, points us to God seen so clearly.

It Wasn’t Supposed to be This Way!

The sovereignty of God, following the will of God… we all have questions about how God interacts with sin and man’s decisions. Listen as Pastor Sam guides us through 1 Samuel 16 and draws some connections about these issues.

Joyous Ordination of Koku Akakpo

It was only by God’s grace and sovereign direction that Koku and his wife Akpene Akakpo stepped foot into our church many years ago. Koku owned very little but he possessed a beautiful desire to learn about God and His Word in America so he could return to his homeland in Togo, West Africa with […]

Ruins Restored Women’s Conference

Our women’s conference on June 8th was a time of women gathering together in worship, prayer and listening to God’s Word being taught. It was a beautiful day together even though the topics were difficult and hard. Pat Patton gave two workshops. The first was “Ruins of the Body” in which she addressed how even […]