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Daily Devotions – Attention KIDS!

Every Saturday, we are going to be putting out a devotional that you can do with your kids, either for Sunday School tomorrow, or whenever you need a clever distraction in their day! Our story today begins with this video about the Sermon on the Mount: Would you like to hear some of the words […]

Daily Devotions – Light in the Darkness

The Word became flesh.  Already established in the beginning of John 1, the Word, Jesus Christ existed eternally prior to the creation of all things.  It is significant that the Gospel of John starts off with establishing Jesus Christ as the Word.  Consider what words are: extensions of who we are, expressions of thought and […]

Your Greatest Need Supplied – and it’s not TP!

Good Thursday morning! Are you losing track of the days like we are? Each day feels the same without seeing your smiling faces throughout the week. Let’s turn to God today and worship Him… Prayer from Pastor Sam: Lord, help us to evaluate our walk before you today.  Grow us through strong stewardship of the […]

Daily Devotional – Who Sent YOU?

It’s Tuesday and time for some worship! Whether you sing along or are experiencing this song for the first time, we hope that it is an encouragement to you and a reminder of the One who does indeed, hold you fast. Prayer from Pastor Sam: Father, the times we are in evidence a great need […]

Introducing Daily Church Family Devotions!

Welcome to the first daily devotional for First Baptist Church of Littleton! We want to be an encouragement to you and help you focus on God in this time when we cannot gather as a church family. Watch and sing along with these worship videos!   Prayer from Pastor Sam: Lord, I praise You for […]

COVID-19 Response – Services Canceled Until Further Notice

Greetings! I am sure that you have been wondering what our church will be doing through this pandemic situation. The leaders and I have been working on this and doing what we can to make sure that we will stay connected as a church family to the best of our ability as services will be […]

Fear is Rising

Pastor Sam felt led to deviate from the normal 1 Samuel study this week in light of the Covid-1 pandemic. As believers, we are called to not fear because of the hope we have in our Savior. Matthew 14:22-34